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Engineers Ireland Maintenance Conference (MEETA)

14 November 2016

RGC is delighted to be exhibiting at the Engineers Ireland Maintenance Conference (MEETA), on Friday Nov 18 2016, at 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

With over 23,000 members from every discipline of engineering, Engineers Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland.

Click here for full details on the MEETA conference.

Please do drop by our stand if you are attending.

Kind regards, Paul


Panesar Foods: CMMS

02 November 2016

Panesar Foods, one of the UK leading manufacturers of speciality foods (with over 750 innovative food products), has selected RGC to provide it’s Asset Management and Maintenance System (CMMS).

At Panesar Foods, the quality and authenticity of their products is paramount.  Their fresh, natural ingredients are sourced from exotic locations around the world, and their recipes are developed by highly-trained chefs at their UK Midlands-based plant.

See Panesar Foods for more information.

Kind regards,



FMC Corporation : CMMS

03 October 2016

RGC are very happy to be working with FMC Corporation, to implement their Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

FMC are one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, helping to grow the world’s food, enabling new innovations in pharmaceutical delivery, and enhancing foods and beverages.

Full details on 


T Bourke: Engineering Management System

19 September 2016

RGC are proud to be working with T Bourke, Ireland’s leading Electrical and Mechanical Contractor.

Established in 1968, T Bourke has a reputation for high quality installations with experience across all industry sectors including :

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Process
  • Pharmaceutical.

Full details on



CMMS at the Food & Drink Exhibition, CityWest, Dublin, Ireland : Sep 14 2016

19 September 2016

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who dropped by our stand at the Food & Drink Exhibition last week, at CityWest, Dublin, Ireland.

It was great to see the event so well attended.

RGC was proud to demonstrate it’s Facilities Management (CAFM), Asset Management and Maintenance Management (CMMS), and Field Service solutions.  The new mobile phone solution was a big hit !

With kind regards,



Hilton Meats ZaanDam (Holland) : CMMS

30 August 2016

RGC welcome Hilton Meats Zaandam (Holland) as a valued CMMS customer.

Hilton is a dynamic & progressive business with a strong reputation for quality & innovation within the fresh food industry.

The RGC CMMS will support Hilton’s multiple locations, including:

  • Asset Management
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Scheduling
  • Parts Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Job Management.

Full details on the website:


10 Steps to a Successful CMMS

09 August 2016

We are always asked about what it takes for a successful CMMS implementation.  Given RGC’s extensive experience across many sectors, varying from Food Production to Windfarms, we wanted to share what we believe it takes to be successful.

None of this is rocket science, but it does take some planning, coordination and effort.

And every implementation is a little different, but the core items always remain the same.

I have tried to summarise them in 10 simple steps, and without (too much) jargon.

  1. People:
    1. It is critical to have one person responsible for the overall implementation. This person is responsible for managing the overall plan, confirming what is included in each stage, and communicating with and scheduling the users.
    2. We recommend to have an initial ‘all hands meeting’ with everyone who will eventually use or be affected by the system (business users and IT). This will be their system, and their knowledge and experience and input is invaluable from day 1.
    3. The CMMS will take some time and effort to implement, and different team members will need to be scheduled to be available (to provide their knowledge and information) at different stages during the implementation.
  1. Plan, Plan, and Plan again
    1. Make a plan – initially a high level plan, with milestones and dates. Then refine and add detail to your plan.
    2. We recommend to take a ‘step by step’ approach. Consider starting with one or two modules/functions first (e.g. Asset Management + Job Management), and let those settle down within your organisation before adding more modules (e.g. Stock & Parts).
    3. Remember that trying to implement too much new software initially and introducing too much ‘change’ can cause issues, delays or failures.
  1. Cloud or On-Premise ?
    1. Decide if you want the CMMS on a server within your company, or on the Cloud. There are benefits to both.  Discuss the pro’s and con’s with your business users and your IT department.
    2. You may want to integrate to another system (in the future), and you may want to install the CMMS where it is installed
  1. Asset Register
    1. Start with your Asset Register. What Assets do you want to track ?  Where are they located on your site ?  How do you want them categorised?  Do you have associated documentation?
    2. Gather, clean (eliminate obsolete assets etc.) and organise this data.
    3. This, in our experience, can be the most time-consuming effort with any CMMS implementation. RGC provide templates to rapidly gather and structure the Asset Register.
  1. Job Management
    1. Consider whom in your organisation can create a job (relating to an asset), what information is required. Who then assigns that job to an engineer / contractor ?  What is the business process, and what are the stages of a job ?  Are photographs and signatures required?  Include Risk Assessments / Health & Safety processes ?  When is a job confirmed as complete ?
    2. Walk through the end-to-end process of managing a job. RGC provides configurable templates for the job management process.
  1. Mobile / Website / PC
    1. Consider how users will access the system – using their office PC, a website, or on a mobile phone or tablet.
    2. Put mobile at the centre of your CMMS decision, even if you don’t implement mobile from the beginning. Mobile phone and tablet apps are the future.  Start planning for them now (consider phones, tablets, Android, Apple, Windows, scanners etc).
  1. CMMS Workshops
    1. Once the system is installed, schedule a number or workshops / meetings to walk through the business processes, review the data, and show it to the key users.
    2. Have relevant data already loaded, categorised and cleaned. Review with the key users and refine as required, to ensure the CMMS supports the processes of the business.
    3. It is an iterative process.
  1. Training
    1. Training is key. We recommend a ‘train the trainer’ approach, whereby RGC train key users in your organisation, and they in turn train the wider base of users.  That makes it cost effective and relevant to your business.
    2. In addition, we recommend to take the training in stages (rather than all at once), so that users get to use the CMMS, and then get some additional training to expand their knowledge.
  1. Pilot to Go-Live
    1. It is advisable to ‘Pilot’ the CMMS with a small audience of users, and refine the solution based on their ‘real life’ feedback, until you are happy to roll it out to all of the users (‘Go-Live’).
    2. Start reviewing the CMMS reports and tracking the benefits.
  1. Continually Improve
    1. Audit your CMMS every 6 months. Get feedback from your users.
    2. Tweak or re-configure the data and settings as required (additional categories etc).
    3. Continually improve your processes.


As Albert Einstein said “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


I hope this helps.  Please see our website for further information, and a list of our customers is here:

Kind regards,

Paul McCarthy


FourPly (UK) : Field Service Management Software

02 August 2016

RGC is delighted to work with the FourPly (UK) team, to implement the RGC Field Service Management Software System.

Fourply delivers high-quality building projects including refurbishments and minor works throughout the UK, for big brands and small independents.

See for more information.



SmartPly CMMS

04 July 2016

RGC welcome SmartPly (a division of Coillte) as a CMMS Customer.

SmartPly is the smart, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to many plywood’s.
It is manufactured from a locally grown sustainable forest resource in an energy efficient process, and therefore has a lower carbon footprint than many types of plywood, making SMARTPLY one of the most environmentally efficient building materials on the market. It is the Smart OSB answer to plywood.

Full details are on

Kind regards, Paul