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Providing Asset Management, Facility Management and Field Service Software to our clients throughout the world.


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Giving you the Information you need, when and where you need it

RGC Technologies provide Asset Tracking, Maintenance and Facilities Management Business Solutions to a large number of clients in Ireland, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America, giving them full visibility of all aspects of their activities enabling them to maximise ttheir return on their investment and minimise  the potential of unexpected down time.

Asset Management and Maintenance (CMMS); Facilities Management (CAFM); Workforce and Job Management; Purchasing and Stock Management; Client Billing; Compliance; Health & Safety; Quality Management.

Why Choose Us!

The RGC Enterprise System gives you a flexible and integrated suite of modules, in one system that can potentially replace the multiple systems, spreadsheets and paperwork that you may currently use to manage your business.

By consolidating your current businesses processes into one system the RGC Enterprise System can offer you all of the following :-

  • Mobile App for EngineersField and Internal staff can pro-actively manage their tasks in real time
  • Asset & Facilities ManagementAllocate and Manage Jobs to ensure Assets are tracked and facilities remain operational
  • Preventative and Reactive MaintenanceMaximise ROI by managing uptime and minimising costly down time
  • Stock ControlOptimise your Supply Chain and have visibility of your inventory and stock across multiple sites and warehouse locations
  • Project Management – Ability to  Manage Projects, cost estimates, timescales and progress – all from the one system
  • Procurement and Contractor management – to manage inventory, stock levels and external contractors across multiple sites and warehouse locations
  • Reduce costs – Utilise the RGC Enterprise System to align departments ensuring maximum focus on your Company Strategy and process requirements
  • Consolidate – the management of activities into a Single System including the ability to add multiple Companies on one database
  • Reporting – Utilise the reporting tool to give you visibility of the key information that you need to manage your business

See What Our Clients Have To Say....

RGC Technologies Limited are delighted to have been chosen by DPD Ireland as its partner to provide them with the RGC CMMS ( Computerised Maintenance Management System ) to support their maintenance operations in Ireland. Michael Kelly, Head of Central Operations for DPD Ireland said that the business has seen significant growth this year –

“During the height of the lockdown we averaged 730,000 parcels deliveries per week which was double what would usually be delivered and we expect this to continue as we move into peak with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas just around the corner. We need to maximise the up time of the sort to support the throughput of this higher parcel volume and we see the RGC Enterprise System as the right solution to help us do this so that we can continue to deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience to our customers.”

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