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The RGC Enterprise System can be hosted in the Cloud or on your internal servers dependent on your requirements. RGC partner with Microsoft Azure for hosting the RGC Enterprise System however we are happy to work with your Cloud Solution provider to ensure that you have the right solution to suit your business.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud  


Suitable for  Businesses of All Sizes

Microsoft Azure is not only designed for large businesses with global footprints, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. From the local business just around the corner to multinationals companies across the world.


One of the most significant benefits for business is that Microsoft Azure offers availability across all of its datacentres. Microsoft currently operates in over 50 regions worldwide and is available in 140 countries/regions. This makes Azure a perfect choice if you’re operating a global business. 

As a result of its huge presence, Microsoft has the capacity to offer a service-level agreement that guarantees up to 99.95% availability. This means Azure can only experience a combined downtime of 4.5 hours per year making Microsoft the leading cloud service vendor. 

Backups you can rely on

Azure backs up copies of your data across separate Azure data centers, which means they can guarantee 99.9% availability of backups

Cyber Security

Microsoft Azure’s world-class cybersecurity tools ensure the integrity, availability and privacy of delicate customer data. With Microsoft’s extreme cybersecurity, businesses across the world fight off DDos attacks, data breaches, malware, and similar cyber threats. 

Seamless Scalability 

Microsoft Azure’s public cloud platform enables businesses to change their computing capabilities and storage space as required to guarantee optimum capacity either for short term needs or long-term business expansion. 

Cost Effective

Microsoft Azure’s pricing models makes it easier for SMEs and large enterprises to make the most of their IT budgets by choosing the precise cloud features they require. Azure works on a pay-as-you-go model based on your requirements so if you have additional requirements then they can flex to support your needs.

On-Site Hardware Is Not Needed 

Azure hosting takes away the cost of adding hardware onto your local network which can positively impact you IT budget. By hosting the RGC Enterprise System on the cloud your business can reduce the need for additional on-site data storage equipment and hardware maintenance agreements. 

Multiple Compliance Features 

Due to its built-in guidance and compliance resources and configuration management features, Microsoft helps businesses adhere to regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR etc.


More information on Microsoft Azure –

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Mobile Application JobPal

Benefits of the RGC Enterprise System JobPal App

The JobPal app when used with The RGC Enterprise System gives your business a powerful tool to improve efficiencies, enhance the capture of important information and centralise all activities linked to a customer/job in one system.

The RGC Enterprise System enables your mobile users to


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