The RGC Enterprise System

Delivering what our customers want

What do our customers want ? …  an easy to use system, that allows them to run their business, the way they want to.

The RGC Enterprise System offers an integrated suite of modules, in one system that can potentially replace the multiple systems, spreadsheets and paperwork that you may currently use to manage your business. 

By consolidating your current businesses processes into one system the RGC Enterprise System can offer you all of the following :-

  • Mobile App for Engineers – To enable them to pro-actively manage their tasks in real time
  • Asset & Facilities Management – to ensure all Assets are tracked and facilities remain operational
  • Preventative, Reactive and Calibration Maintenance – to Maximise ROI and minimise costly down time
  • Stock Control – to manage inventory and stock levels across multiple sites and warehouse locations
  • Project Management – giving visibility of Assets, jobs, labour and other costs associated with any project
  • Procurement and Contractor management – to manage inventory, stock levels and external contractors across multiple sites and warehouse locations

Each of the modules offer a high degree of flexibility. Allocating sufficient time and resources during the collaborative workshops at the start of the integration project will ensure the appropriate processes and configurations are defined so that you will quickly be able to:

  • Allocate and manage Jobs for Preventative and Planned maintenance as well as unexpected breakdowns
  • Reduce costs through utilising a single management system to align departments ensuring maximum focus on your Company Strategy and process requirements
  • Manage your Supply Chain and have complete visibility of your inventory and stock
  • Consolidate the management of activities into a Single System including the ability to add multi Companies on one database
  • Ability to access and Manage Projects, estimates, timescales and progress – all from the one system

Benefits include

  • One easy to use system containing all business information, replacing spreadsheets, paperwork, legacy systems
  • Saving staff time – all information easily found – no duplication
  • Improved controls e.g. when approvals required
  • Improved knowledge e.g. notifications and alerts for critical dates and events
  • Fully audited
  • Secure access – information can be securely restricted by role
  • Excellent business intelligence and reporting – improved decision making
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